Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

Century-Carpet-One-Calgary-AB-Types-and-Styles-of-LaminateMany homeowners who are planning for renovating their home and changing their flooring can consider laminate flooring as an option. This sleek looking flooring option gives your floor an aesthetic appeal. Laminate flooring is also available in a wide range of choices, including those natural looking wood grain laminates and the newly introduced tile fused laminates. Another plus point of laminate flooring is that you can easily assemble them. Just by arranging the planks and assembling them, you can create the desired flooring pattern you want.

What is laminate flooring made from?

Laminate flooring includes layers of different materials. While the bottom layer is called the backing, the top layer is the special resin layer that offers better moisture resistance. The core layer is always made from high-density fiberboard for the ultra durability. Each laminate also has a top high-resolution layer made with wood, stone, metal or some other materials. Upon this layer, there is the wear layer that protects the image layer from fading, scratches and any damage.

Varieties of laminate flooring types:

- These sleek looking planks give your floor a smooth and aesthetic finish. Choices of laminate flooring types range from high, medium to low gloss varieties based on the top layer finish. New types of laminate flooring's are available in a plain or a high-gloss finish.

- Based on the textures of the laminate flooring, the laminate flooring is of two types: embossed and textured. A number of new varieties of embossed finish laminate flooring have a genuine imprinted finish. The new varieties of textured flooring choices also have a sleek and textured finish. Such planks often have mildly visible ridges, notches and lines for that authentic textured finish.

- Laminate flooring types are also available in distressed and hand scraped variety. The engineered and solid hardwood used in the lamination process gives the floor an antique look. These antique looking laminate plank flooring types give the floor a contemporary and eye-catchy finish.

Hiring a professional floor installation company:

Carpet and flooring stores in Calgary offer professional laminate flooring installation services for everyone. Customers can request for a free estimate and quote for their home flooring needs. Get your new floor installed by a professional company today. Choose from the wide choices of laminate flooring available and give your home a new look today. 


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