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Century-Carpet-One-Calgary-AB-Why-Choose-Hardwood-FlooringWhy choose hardwood flooring?

Deciding the flooring options for your new or existing home can sometimes be tricky. While the hardwood flooring options are the top and timeless choices among most homeowners, the cost associated with it can be high. Plus, the installation process can be tough too. In fact, homeowners will have to take a number of factors into their consideration while choosing the hardwood floor for their home.

Selecting the hardwood:

The first thing for you to consider is to determine the type of hardwood flooring you need for your home. Before you select the floor type, see that if the new floor pattern will complement your home furnishings and décor. Plus, you need to carefully find it out that what kind of hardwood floor will look best with your existing home interiors. Most often homeowners get confused whether to choose solid wood or the engineered hardwood flooring in Calgary.

The solid and thick planks of wood used in flooring are made from solid wood. In contrast, the engineered wood is a layer of veneer that sits on a core of plywood. The latter hardwood flooring type is designed to deal with moisture in a better way than the traditional Calgary hardwood flooring. Now that you know the types of hardwood, you can decide what kind of wood you can use.

Choosing the hardwood flooring company:

Installing hardwood floors can be very difficult and time-consuming. Unless you are an experienced person with floor installation, you shouldn’t take up the project on your own. It is highly recommended to choose a professional hardwood flooring company for your home. Our hardwood flooring company in Calgary sends an inspector to see the site, make an estimate and offer you a quote.

Hardwood Flooring Installation:

The installation of hardwood Calgary floor includes two major costs: the cost per sq ft and the labor cost. Your local hardwood flooring company in Calgary will give you an itemized quote after the floor assessment by during the initial inspection. If the price quoted matches your budget, you can book the service with your local company.

Now that you know the steps involved in hardwood flooring installation, let’s discuss about the benefits of choosing hardwood flooring:

1. Ageless appeal:

Hardwood floors will give your home interior a polished and ageless look. Just after a few years from the installation, other hard surface floors may look tired, worn and even dirty. However, hardwood floors stay shiny, beautiful and polished for a long period of time.

2. Better value:

Plus, a home with hardwood floor has a better market value.

3. Low maintenance:

Another plus point is you don’t need to replace the floor like you do in carpeting and vinyl. All you need is just refinishing the existing hardwood floor for an updated and polished look.

4. Easy to clean:

It is a breeze to clean the hardwood floors. Because these floors don’t accumulate a lot of dirt and debris, it is very easy to clean the home without much effort. Vacuuming and mopping are the best weekly cleaning procedure to keep your hardwood floors clean.


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