The Right Carpet Company

Century-Carpet-One-Calgary-AB-Best-Carpet-Company-CalgaryWhen you decide to buy a new carpet in Calgary, where do you start?

There are a few things you should consider when getting quotes and information from carpet companies in Calgary. The main areas are:

- Quoting / measuring / sampling

- Timeline for carpet installation

- Exchange or return policies

- Satisfaction guarantee

- Warranty

Quoting and measuring for a carpet installation is extremely important. Imagine that you’ve found the perfect looking carpet and once it was installed, you were unsatisfied with how it felt when you walked on it. This could be a big red flag, and jeopardize your entire purchase. There are many carpet companies that want to finish the sale as soon as possible and want to offer as little after care support as possible. Luckily, Century Carpet One has built a reputation as the leading carpet and flooring company across North America, and we take our customer satisfaction seriously!

How our Calgary carpet company makes your carpet purchase simple

1. Quoting / Measuring / Sampling: Our carpet installers have modeling tools to give you the most accurate quote in the market. We make sure that every inch gets covered properly so that there are no surprise budget increases. Additionally, we allow our clients to sample the carpet and test it out to make sure it’s a great fit! Check out our Room Visualizer tool to get inspired for your next carpet replacement

2. Timeline for carpet installation: We understand timing constraints and when you need something done, our team will provide you with accurate installation times and do our best to meet your requirements

3. Exchange or return policies: We have the industries best guarantee! It’s simply, don’t like, don’t pay! Read more about our Calgary carpet warranty

4. Satisfaction guarantee: Every client is a satisfied client as Century Carpet One. Our carpet installation company is built on satisfied customers.

5. Warranty: Depending on the carpet you buy, you can have a warranty from 30 days to lifetime! Our staff will explain the different warranties available on different carpet so that you can make an informed decision about your purchase.


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