Benefits of Having Luxury Vinyl Tile for Your Home

luxury-vinyl-flooring-century-carpet-one-calgaryVinyl flooring is a very popular hard flooring option among new home buyers. Those who cannot afford hardwood flooring or doesn’t like tile flooring can always choose the sleek, modern and luxury vinyl tiles for their home. The best part is that these are the least expensive form of flooring that offers great value for your money. Plus, you will find luxury vinyl flooring in various colors, designs and styles to match your home interiors. If you still want to know more about the luxury vinyl tiles, here we have a detailed guide.

What is a Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Unlike the vinyl sheets, the luxury vinyl tiles come in various shapes, sizes and textures. You will be surprised to find more than 150 plus choices that resemble the marble slates, wood flooring and travertine flooring. These flooring options feel smooth and comfortable underfoot too.


Vinyl Flooring is Easy to Clean:

Nothing beats vinyl flooring when it comes to cleaning. You just need to sweep and wipe it with a damp cloth occasionally. You can also use any mild floor care product to keep the floor clean and sparkling. Because the new luxury vinyl tiles come with an advanced coating, they create a strong barrier against stains, moisture and fading.

Providing a Softer Surface for the Flooring in Your Home:

Unlike hardwood and tile, vinyl flooring provides a slightly softer surface that feels great underfoot. That’s because most of the vinyl flooring has a thin layer of felt or foam under it.

Highly Durable Flooring for your Home:

Vinyl flooring is extremely durable. Some manufacturers also offer warranties of 15 to 20 years or more. Well-installed and properly maintained luxury vinyl flooring can easily last well over 20 years. Vinyl flooring is also very resistant to dirt and water, which makes it a durable choice of flooring for homeowners. Plus, these flooring are easy to maintain as well

Vinyl Tile Flooring Installation is Simple and Easy:

These flooring options are quick to install. You don’t need more than a day for the vinyl floor installation. If you already have a subfloor, the installation becomes easier and quicker too. If choosing vinyl tiles, you will need a professional to get the flooring installed in your home. That’s because tiles need precise placement to avoid cracking and excessive movement.

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